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Archive for August 10th, 2009

I know it's just TV…
Monday, August 10th, 2009

But I’m worried about Mary Shannon.

You know, the U.S. Marshall in In Plain Sight. The woman’s got big problems, many of them caused by her own bad attitude, but she’s lying in a hospital bed with the doctor’s waiting for her to get strong enough so they can perform the surgery to save her life. Last night she was shot in the series season finale, and the bastards at USA are going to make me wait until Spring to find out whether she makes it.

Okay, so I know it’s just TV and if they renew the show, she has to live, but there are sooooo many other plot threads left dangling after that wacky season that I don’t want to wait until freaking Spring!

Let’s talk about her family. Her mom’s an alcoholic who went through rehab this season, and I can only hope she falls off the wagon again because Leslie Ann Warren was delightful as a lush. Her sister escaped the federal drug charges against her…or has she? The relentless FBI guy wants sis as much as he’s gunning for Mary now for aiding and abetting.

Mary’s adorable Latino boyfriend, Raphael, proposed and moved in with Mary. And anyone watching the two of them together knows they will never make it to the alter. He’s a nurturer and she can’t stand being taken care of. Rafe and the sis however… I think we see that coming!

Her partner is my favorite part of the show. We’ve had hints all along how much he’s into Mary. This season, while toasting her engagement to Rafe, he said he loved her, but everyone listening assumed…love like a friend. We, the audience, knew he’s nuts about her. Mary hasn’t a clue and treats him like an annoying flea.

Then there’s Stan her boss, the adorably sexy little Jack Russell who’s wonderful to watch when he’s laying into guys heads taller than he is. He’s sexy when he gets all riled up and his new admimistrative worker, Mary’s estrogen rival in the office, can’t resist his appeal from time to time.

Then there’s the tantalizing thread of her missing father who’s on the run from the law—see why I love her? Her life’s a complete mess.

Mary, Mary, Mary….what will I do until Spring?