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Archive for August 23rd, 2009

Sunday Report Card
Sunday, August 23rd, 2009

The week passed in a whirlwind. Maybe it’s because I kept so busy writing, or maybe it’s because I’ll be leaving for Seattle in little over a week and I’m beginning to get very excited! Woot!

I completed chapters six through nine of a contemporary m/m/f/f—or is it m/f/m/f? Does it really matter? Tons of sex any way you bend it. 😈

After a day of feeling sorry for myself after a rejection “but will reconsider it after revisions” response to a recent proposal, I’m back on track and more determined than ever.

I shopped for some casual outfits for the upcoming trip—the most harrowing part of the week. I HATE shopping with passion. Always feels like a huge waste of time and I come away exhausted and wondering how anyone enjoys it. Is it something in our DNA that makes some of us more predisposed to enjoy that sort of self-torture? At least with casual clothing there’s actually a chance I’ll wear the things I bought.

This week I have a day of doctor appointments—including seeing a neuro-opthamologist. Christ is that what he is? (I know I must have butchered the spelling!) But maybe he can tell me whether the blind area in my vision is likely to expand. Wouldn’t have known I had a problem at all if not for the many near-misses in traffic. Pfft. And there I was blaming my car’s manufacturer for poor mirror placement.

Will also have to plan what to do with this blog while I’m gone. I made myself a promise to blog daily. But there’s no WiFi at the lakehouse where I’ll be staying, so no Internet, no email, no TWITTER! I think I’ll pre-write posts for every day I’m gone. Maybe I’ll do an excerpt a day with a chance to win the book kind of contest or something. If you have suggestions, don’t be shy about letting me know!

Have a great week!