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Archive for August 29th, 2009

"Little" Grasshopper…and a question
Saturday, August 29th, 2009

Yesterday when I was cleaning the pool, I rescued the biggest grasshopper I’ve ever seen in my life. And wouldn’t you know it? No camera. The thing had to be five inches long and had a body nearly as big around as a Snickers bar. Even I, who am normally not too freaked by bugs, was saying “Euw, Euw, Euw!” when I plucked it from the water because I didn’t want it jumping at me. Blech.

So yeah. Not a very exciting day. I worked my way slowly down my To Do list. And that’s about it.

Did dream that a Steven Segal look-alike was my boyfriend and I wanted to call him but couldn’t remember his name. Asked my daughter and she said she thought it was “Bond”. “As in James Bond?” I asked and picked up the phone book to look up the number. Never did get in touch with him.

I saw this offer on one of my loops and thought I’d pass it along. Rachel Caine is giving away a free book on her website. She’s asking for donations, but it’s not required. I opened the file, started reading, and have to say I’m completely hooked. Rachel Caine’s Free Download

Since I don’t have anything particularly interesting to say today, I’ll just pose a question to see what interesting things you can come up with!

If you could change the ending to any movie you have ever seen, what movie would it be and how would you alter the way it ends?