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Archive for August 5th, 2009

What I'm reading…
Wednesday, August 5th, 2009

I know you want to learn who won yesterday’s prize, but you’ll have to read to the bottom to find out!

I finished my Intrigue binge last week. Nothing that impressed me other than sis’s book. Again—no prejudice there!

Then I picked up a couple contemporary erotica novels and read them over the last few nights. It took me that long because the stories bored me.

I really, really wanted to like one of them. It was written by an author I normally love and was a contemporary Western. Right up my alley, right? But the characterization sucked. EVERYONE talked the same—the men, the women. The guys were way too concerned about their feelings. And their language was so coarse, their lives so tawdry, I felt dirty. Funny, given what I write!

Now, I love a well-paced curse word during times of danger and high tension—and especially during sex. But constantly? I wanted to toss it against the wall, but I paid for the book so I was damn well going to finish it.

The other was so stupid—girl on vacation at a luxury island resort who gets turned out by a Dom—I had to finish it out of morbid curiosity. There had to be SOMETHING in it I hadn’t read a million times already, but no. Yawn. I wouldn’t have minded a done-to-death premise if the author had given it a unique twist.

I won’t tell you either titles. It’s not fair to the authors. And you might love the stories if you haven’t read a sex resort story already or would love to read a story that can really make you crave a bubble bath.

Maybe I’ll have something better to report next week. I’ve whittled down my choices to a Karen Moning (my mom says I HAVE to read her) and a YA book called THE NAMED. I also have a YA book written by Richelle Mead and another demonology research book coming in the mail.

Then again, I can’t always stick to the plan. I might turn to my crammed bookshelf and pick something at random. Something by someone I’ve never read before. Don’t you love discovering something wonderful when you least expect it?

If you have something wonderful you’ve read lately that you think I might like, let me know!

All right, you suffered my ramblings (rantings, really), I’ll end the suspense and name yesterday’s winner.

The winner (by random number generator) of a free download
of Prisoner of Desire is…Mari!
Mari, congrats and send me an email!