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Archive for August 28th, 2009

Dreaming of Dennis Hopper?
Friday, August 28th, 2009

This is the first day this week that I haven’t had to get up early to head off on some errand or appointment. So I slept in. I had strange dreams thanks to the Dugard saga—you know, the woman who lived in her kidnapper’s back yard for 18 years.

I dreamed I was in a relationship with Dennis Hopper, and that he was very controlling. He’d choose my clothes, style my hair and he kept me in a closet. Whenever we went out, he had to hold my arm or hand because he feared I’d jump on the first young dude who walked by. Not that Dennis wasn’t completely horny and strangely hot when we were alone. Okay, so not Dugard-ish at all because I wanted to be there, even though subconciously I must have been wanting to jump young dudes otherwise why would Dennis have been afraid?

Where the hell is that dream dictionary when I need it? Although, I don’t think they’ll have a listing for Dennis Hopper.

Wierd dreams aside, I’m trying to get caught up. I don’t think I’ll meet all my goals for this month. I might be one chapter shy—but hey, not bad considering all the drama. Plus, I have to start thinking about what to pack for my trip to Seattle next Tuesday. Have to check the forecast and see what the weather will be like. Need to count undies and see if I should buy more.

Can’t wait for that trip. Trapped in a cabin with 5 other writers. Can you imagine the energy? The drama? The drunken binges? Hey, Sasha White is one of those writers and she knows how to mix a drink!