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10 Things That Make Me Smile (Contest)
Wednesday, May 4th, 2022

UPDATE: The winner is…Laura!

I’m generally a very cheerful person. I believe in smiles. I remember reading about a study of depressed people who were told to stand in front of a mirror every day and smile at themselves. And weirdly (or maybe not!) their depression improved. I get that. I smile at myself, too. I tell the kids a smile can be a choice. I love finding reasons to smile.

So, here’s a little list of 10 things that make me smile, listed in no particular order. Finding the emojis to correspond with them was so much fun! See? I’m already smiling.

  • โ˜• First morning coffee with my dd.
  • ๐Ÿงœ๐Ÿผโ€โ™€๏ธ Floating in my pool.
  • ๐Ÿ… Making a Greek salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, and onions.
  • ๐Ÿค Holding the little one’s hand.
  • ๐Ÿ‘ฉโ€๐ŸŽจ Painting flowers.
  • ๐Ÿƒโ€โ™€๏ธ Writing an action scene.
  • ๐ŸŒ… Watching the sun set on the ocean.
  • ๐ŸŒธ Fresh flowers in a vase.
  • ๐Ÿซ A small square of dark chocolate after dinner.
  • ๐Ÿ“– Reading a good book with a kitty on my lap.

You know what’s coming next! ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

For a chance to win your choice of a download of any of my backlist of books, tell me five things that make you smile!

11 comments to “10 Things That Make Me Smile (Contest)”

  1. Laura
    · May 4th, 2022 at 7:03 am · Link

    Things that make me smile

    1. Getting books in the mail
    2. Finding a book in paperback Iโ€™ve been looking for
    3. Authors announcing new books will be published in paperback.
    4. My dogs
    5. Sunshine.
    6. Waking up after a good nights sleep.

  2. Delilah
    · May 4th, 2022 at 9:20 am · Link

    Nice list. I love that the top three involve books. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Stacey Kinzebach
    · May 4th, 2022 at 12:00 pm · Link

    Watching my son race cars.
    Watching my grandson race motorcycles.
    Listening to music
    Hanging out with my family

  4. Colleen C.
    · May 4th, 2022 at 12:47 pm · Link

    My pets
    My nephew
    Seeing the birds visit my yard
    My favorite Anime show

  5. Pansy Petal
    · May 4th, 2022 at 2:23 pm · Link

    Making someone else smile.
    Reading a good book.
    Working on my latest craft project.
    Giving it away to someone in need.
    Hearing from a friend.

  6. bn100
    · May 4th, 2022 at 9:47 pm · Link

    sunny weather
    buying books
    reading books

  7. Beverly
    · May 4th, 2022 at 9:55 pm · Link

    Walking with my Grandchildren, holding onto their hands
    Hugs, kisses & smiles from my Grandchildren
    Sunshineโ€ฆsitting on my deck to enjoy it
    Good cheesecake
    Chicken barbecues with family & friends
    Reading a new book from any of my favorite authors

  8. Debra Guyette
    · May 5th, 2022 at 5:02 am · Link

    My grandsons
    Nesting Dolls
    Family Time

  9. Jennifer Beyer
    · May 5th, 2022 at 12:15 pm · Link

    Things that make me smile:
    1. being with my family
    2. hearing from a friend unexpectedly
    3. my dog
    4. babies (I mean, they are so darn cute)
    5. a good joke
    6. learning something I’ve been studying
    7. teaching someone something
    8. beautiful clouds
    9. when I read a good book (and I dance a little, too)
    10. sharing kindness with others

  10. ButtonsMom2003
    · May 5th, 2022 at 4:12 pm · Link

    In no particular order:
    Reading a book.
    Listening to a book.
    Weekly date with family and friends to see a movie and have dinner.
    Remembering my fur baby, Buttons (bittersweet smiles)

  11. Delilah
    · May 15th, 2022 at 8:09 am · Link

    I LOVED your lists! Thanks so much for sharing! I also loved seeing “reading” among them! ๐Ÿ™‚

    The winner of her choice of a download of one of my backlist books is…Laura!

    Congrats, Laura! Email me at to let me know which title you want!

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