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FREE Book! Close Encounter of the Carnal Kind! Get your copy!
Tuesday, December 19th, 2023

Little Green Dreams

Readers are still finding Little Green Dreams. I know, it’s not bounty hunters or Navy SEALs, but the touch of science fiction isn’t something new for me. I’ve written series of Sci-Fi romances before—long before—I ever wrote my sexy hunters/protectors.

One such story was a 12,000-word novelette, Close Encounters of the Carnal Kind. It’s very erotic, and funnily enough, it is about an alien abduction, which is one of the central themes of Litte Green Dreams.

So, while I do a very gratuitous push for you to purchase and read Little Green Dreams (because it’s a fun, Southern small-town, sci-fi, ghost romance), I’ll give you another early Christmas gift—a FREE copy of Close Encounter of the Carnal Kind!

Happy Holidays! ~ DD

Close Encounters Of The Carnal Kind

Etienne Lambert, a Cajun ex-soldier fresh from the horrors of the war in Iraq, discovers that he’s an alien when an alien woman arrives at his door to take him home. When he resists, she kidnaps him. He soon learns he is the last potent male in the royal line of their planets, and it’s his duty to return to sire the next generation of the ruling caste.

Marika is a fightership commander who has succeeded where all the mages, seers, and trackers have failed. She has found her planets’ last hope for salvation! When the future king demands that he start work immediately on the primary mandate of his rule — to sire children — she can’t refuse his command.

Get your FREE copy!