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Sheri Lynn: Mischief Under the Mistletoe
Wednesday, November 29th, 2017

First, I want to thank Delilah for giving me an opportunity to be guest blogger on her blog.  My first book, Charm Him, Disarm Him was published in November 2015.  I didn’t originally write “spanking romance.”  My pitch at the Writer’s Digest conference in July 2015 was overheard by the representative for Blushing Books.  She approached me, requested my manuscript, then offered me a contract.  They suggested I add a spanking scene, which I did, but it was only a couple of sentences.  Since then, I have found I enjoy writing it.  Because ‘tis the season, I want to share a Christmas anthology I am proud to be a part of which you can pre-order now for only $.99.  It releases on December 7, 2017.


Mischief Under the Mistletoe: Fourteen fierce festive stories in one AMAZING anthology extravaganza, fresh from international and number one bestselling authors alongside hot new talent!

Editor’s Note: These delightfully naughty Christmas spanking stories feature scorching romance and BDSM. Some involve age play, all involve spanking. There’s also a bit of LGBT+, some magic, and a drunken incident with a photocopier. If this isn’t your scene, it might be better to find a nice book about knitting lamp shades, instead.

My story, Rebecca the Red-Bottomed Reindeer is included with stories from these wonderful authors.

Featured authors:

Maren Smith, Amelia Smarts, Allysa Hart, Delia Grace, Shelly Douglas, Gracie Malling, Joelle Casteel, Brandy Golden, Kelly Dawson, Sheri Lynn, Jaye Elise, Kathryn R. Blake, Molly Alvarado and Katie Douglas

Pre-order your copy here!

I will share the blurb and an excerpt from my story.

Sheri Lynn, Rebecca the Red-Bottomed Reindeer

No one was supposed to find out Rebecca is stripping for extra Christmas cash, especially her older brother’s best friend she crushed on hard for years.  When Jake discovers her secret, he takes matters into his own hands, literally.  She receives a trip over his knees and an offer she won’t refuse.


Losing her balance, her knee slammed into the stage and her torso followed.  Planting her palms in front of her, she lifted her shoulders and breasts realizing she landed right smack in front of a customer.  The lights played havoc with her vision.  Not that it surprised her to have a man ogling her breasts, but she felt the intensity in his stare.  Raising her eyes, she glimpsed a furor in his eyes before he became enveloped in darkness again.  Looking down she noticed her necklace she never took off rotated from behind her neck and under her hair.  Her brother gave it to her and this man focused on it.

She figured it cost a fair amount, Australian Opals, a unique, lovely piece, but not something anyone might take note of the way this man fixated on it.  It meant more to her because it came from her brother.  He bought it years before he met his wife, April.  Back when he and his hot best friend, Jake took impromptu road trips.  This he picked up in Santa Fe.  Before she had time to react to her revelation, fingers clamped down over her upper arms.  He dragged her off the stage.  Kicking her legs, her feet, she searched for anything to halt this onslaught.  He had a tight grip on her which gave him the ability to keep her upper body from crashing with the table he vacated.  Her lower half didn’t fare as well.  Her left knee plopped on the table causing the table to rock and flip to its side.  This rotated her body smashing her to the floor on her right thigh.

It didn’t end there.  Their eyes met for a second.  Long enough for her to understand this wasn’t over.  Bending toward her, his left arm encircled her waist hauling her up from the dirty concrete floor.  Her feet dangled in front of him, her doe-tailed butt in the air.  Even with the music blaring, it didn’t mute the crack of the first thwack against her bare flesh.  She yelped unable to fathom he spanked her, a hard spanking, and in public.  He got a few more strikes in before the bouncers arrived.

Finding herself on her hands and knees, she looked up in time to see him receive a punch in the jaw.  “No!  Don’t hurt him!” she screamed as they forced him out of the building.  By the time she found the ability to stand, she ran out to find him, but didn’t see him anywhere.  Her knees shook and she found it difficult to breathe.  Leaning forward she rested her hands on her upper thighs.  Jake.  When was the last time she saw him before him tonight?  When she was in high school and he came over to the house for Thanksgiving?  Would he tell her brother that he saw her here?  She never expected anyone to find out.  With Jose’s Jewels being an hour and half from her hometown, she thought she could keep it a secret.

About Sheri Lynn

I grew up an Army brat, so my childhood involved moving every three years. However, truly a southern gal, I currently reside in Alabama with my husband, two Chihuahuas, two Golden Retrievers, a mean cat, turtle, and a teenage daughter. I have two sons, who live on their own, and a stepson and stepdaughter.

Romance novels have always been my first reading choice. I’m a hopeless romantic, and that trait materializes in every aspect of my life. “Wearing your heart on your sleeve” has been a common phrase repeatedly heard throughout my life. Writing romance and happily ever afters comes naturally.

Whether a result of my childhood, or not, I love to travel. Warm weather and beautiful beaches are always my choice destination.

Please connect with me to keep up with all my upcoming releases along with news about other great authors.
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Back to the grindstone! What’s ahead…and a question
Tuesday, November 28th, 2017

So, vacations are great and all, but knuckling under once you’re back is hard. But it has to happen. I have too many irons in the fire. Don’t you love that phrase? Too many irons in the fire. Be right back—have to know where that comes from…

I found this explanation on Answers: “…the origin of ‘irons in the fire’ relates to the battlefield surgeon, from at least medieval times, who kept a fire going with a number of different cauterising irons in it at all times. The irons were used to cauterise wounds and stop people bleeding to death. A surgeon with many irons in the fire was prepared to treat any size or shape of wound.”

Huh. I have to admit, I thought the explanation would have something to do with cowboys and brandings. :) But back to my irons…

December looks insane. I have to finish editing Soldier Boy and get it loaded for its 12/5 release.

I have to finish writing Wolf Moon Rising, which releases 12/12—yeah, I’m really cutting that one close.

I owe you all the last installment of Sara & Hunter’s story—the wedding! Have no idea how that’s going to go.

I have to re-edit and re-publish Artic Dragon for release toward the end of the month.

Oh! I have the last 4 chapters of the next Delta Heat story to write.

And I have to write a short sequel to Reaper and Carly’s story for their Kindle World appearance in January. Sound like there’s enough on my plate yet? (Wait, on my plate… Nope, not going to look that one up right now…)

Then, how about the two books I have to edit for two other writers and the FREE Write 50 Books a Year workshop I have to lead?

So, yeah. December’s nutty. And all that Christmas stuff? All my gifts are bought. I’m letting my daughter wrap them all!

(These two stories are already up for pre-order!)


The Question

My question to you…

Does your December look just as nutty as mine?

Paige Prince: Detoured
Monday, November 27th, 2017

Thank you so much for the opportunity to guest on your blog, Delilah!

When I originally signed up for a guest spot, I had a vague idea of what I was going to write about. Something having to do with the book I’m working on, the life of being a romance author/editor, even the joys (that sometimes aren’t always so joyous) of being a mother. But then I sat down to write my post in the middle of a writing day with two of my author friends and completely BLANKED.

So, I asked my trusty writing partner what I should do (because she’s basically the other half of my brain) and she told me that it’d be a great idea to write about having two different pen names.

Since I started in the book world, I’ve been known by three names: MamaKitty, Paige, and Rhyann. MamaKitty started out as a book reviewer who secretly wrote books on her downtime. Sadly, I closed MamaKitty Reviews down in 2012 to focus on writing and editing full-time. When I submitted my first book for publication, my previous critique partner suggested the name Paige Prince as my nom de plume. It wasn’t until several years later that I realized that when spoken aloud, it sounds like I’m saying “Page Prints…” which is actually kind of hilarious, since it was a total accident.

As Paige, I write Sizzling Southern Romance. Erotic romance (usually) set somewhere in the South. I haven’t stuck to one subgenre, since I love so many different aspects of the romance world. I’ve written contemporary, adventure, paranormal, and medical romance. I’m currently working on my first M/M romance, set in the culinary world. You probably wouldn’t want to see my Works-in-Progress folder, since it spans basically every subgenre available. Well, most of them.

Back in 2013, I started writing secretly as Rhyann Harris. I was writing erotic romance in a subgenre that wasn’t as widely accepted as it’s become (taboo/stepsibling romance), and I wanted to keep the two identities separate from each other.

But being two different people is exhausting (three, if you count my real name), so I dropped the veil of secrecy and admitted that Paige and Rhyann were the same person.

And it’s been freeing, in a way. I don’t have to constantly tell people that I’m writing on a “secret project” that never seems to see the light of day. I can say instead, “I’m writing an erotica for my Rhyann name and it’s about [insert plot here],” instead.

My business cards are now two-sided. I have two bookshelves on my website. But I’m still just one author, writing words and creating sexy worlds for all to enjoy.

As Paige, I’m currently working on revamping a story I wrote for a box set and preparing to release it in January. It centers around a medical center my writing partner and I have created (which will be a series!) set in my hometown of Houston, Texas. As Rhyann, I’m working on a series revolving around the lives of a Marine and his stepsister, who finally give into their feelings for each other after he comes home on leave.

If you like spicy romance, you’ll love them both.


Katherine “Katie” Molloy is in trouble. She desperately needs continuing education credits to maintain her professional license, but the only class available within the timeframe allotted is several states away. The most catastrophic computer failure to hit the airline industry in history has grounded every single flight leaving Houston for days and by the time all flights are rescheduled, the conference will be over.

Dr. Vincent Bauer comes to Katie’s rescue when he offers to drive them both to the conference, since he was scheduled to attend, as well. Unfortunately, his brand new car breaks down more than a hundred miles from their destination, stranding them in Lucasville, Kentucky.

Just as things begin to heat up between the radiology department manager and the good doctor, strange things begin to happen, causing them to think the break down might not have been so coincidental, after all. Can they get the car fixed and get out of town before they’re permanently Detoured?

About the Author

Paige Prince is the alter ego of Rhyann Harris, erotic romance author, editor, drinker of coffee, and binger of Netflix. She lives in a small suburb of Houston, Texas with her daughter Emma and her lab/pit mix Westley.

Tumblr: (NSFW)

Mageela Troche: That Time of Year 
Sunday, November 26th, 2017

Thanksgiving has passed. Black Friday is done with. Now it’s on to Christmas. Hooray! When it comes to this holiday, I’m like Scrooge after that fretful night. Unlike other holidays, Christmas changes everything and everyone around you.  Luckily, I live in New York City and to me, that is when the city truly comes alive. The Rockefeller Christmas tree, the Saks Fifth Avenue windows are festive with holiday decorations that will have you smashing your face against the frosty windows and the city streets shining with Christmas lights that wrap around anything standing. The whole city transforms into a wonderland that makes the cold disappear and the city’s energy pulsates in a way that it can do only during the holidays.

Sure everyone is checking their list and trying to find the perfect gift within their budget but to me, Christmas is more than the presents. In my opinion, I think we all love bringing joy to the world. I love seeing the rush of joy spread across someone’s face and feel as if for even the briefest of moments, their ills or hurts have vanished. Joy to the world is the theme of the season.

In some ways, that is why I write. Books and writing have always brought me a soul-deep happiness that lingers well after I have put down the pen or closed the book. That magically feeling is something I wish to share with others. To have them experience the joy. My books may not solve the world problems but if for a time, I can help someone forget their pain, laugh or just have an escape then I am the happiest I can be.

Her hand in marriage could secure peace.

Lady Ailsa Cameron has slept through a few masses. She isn’t the most patient of souls. However, the gentle lass never did anything wicked enough for her father, Laird Cameron to demand she wed Black Duncan, the Laird of Clan MacLean.

The leader of the Spartans of the North, Duncan MacLean inspires many gruesome tales in the majestic highlands and beyond. Duncan accepts Laird Cameron’s offer of his daughter’s hand in marriage to war against their shared enemy, Clan MacKinnon. Wed to the ravishing woman, he aches to possess her even as he vows never to lower his defenses, again.

Can past enemies become lovers?

Read an Excerpt of The Marriage Alliance

Scottish Highlands, 1256

Surely, Ailsa Cameron never managed anything in her score of a lifetime so wicked to deserve this cruel punishment. She never took the life of another. Admittedly, she dozed through a few masses in her lifetime. Others were guilty of such sin and never punished so harshly. Maybe, it was the many times she took the Lord’s name in vain. That vile curse hadn’t passed her lips for some time, not since her last penance forbade her from speaking for a sennight. She had remained silent until the noon meal but her guilt still lingered. Even that did not warrant her wedding the dreaded Duncan MacLean.

Nay, she journeyed along the stone-littered tract to the MacLean fortress because of men and one in particular, her father—Laird Cameron. His fierce desire to merge with the Spartans of the North appointed Ailsa the maiden sacrifice to appease the ferocious dragon. Who was the dragon—her father or her husband-to-be?

Either way, Saint Peter would throw open the pearly gates for her since she behaved as the dutiful daughter, pledging the rest of her days to Laird MacLean.

Not that she had many days to live.

To read a longer excerpt of The Marriage Alliance, stop by my website,

Available only at Amazon:

A Question… (Contest)
Saturday, November 25th, 2017

Today, I’m heading back to Arkansas! Virginia’s fantastic, but it’s not home, and I’m dying to get back, get unpacked, and get back to work. My word count suffered horribly, and I have a lot of catching up to do to “win” my NaNoWriMo T-shirt!

In the meantime, I have two days of driving to endure with three of my girls. We always make the trip fun. I look up celebrity gossip to share with them. We turn the music up loud and do our own version of “carpool karaoke.” Plus, we really dig staying in hotels and leaving the bathroom and beds a mess. Ah, the luxury. :)

So, my question for you today, just for fun, is what is your favorite part of the journey when you’re on a road trip? Do you stop for those crazy “biggest ball of twine” signs? Do you love finding great hole-in-the-wall places to eat? Do you love staying in a nice hotel?

Tell me, and you might win a free copy of your choice of one of my latest releases! In the meantime, be safe and have fun! ~DD

Friday, November 24th, 2017

Hi Readers!

I lived in a caboose with my family while growing up in Blackfoot, Idaho.  And because of that experience, I wanted to write an emotional and heartwarming Christmas story about a very happy time I had living in it.  Boxcar Christmas was born!

If you love romance, dogs and puppies? Cozy up with a cup of hot chocolate and enjoy Travis and Jesse’s story!

Pre-order: right now!
Release date:  January 1, 2017

One train car. Two lost souls. Five adorable puppies.

Travis Ramsey is back in Hamilton, Montana, after 10 years serving as a Delta Force operator in Afghanistan. Now responsible for his dad’s fishing guide business, Travis has to deal with his increasingly distant and difficult father, and guilt over his brother’s death. His life takes a turn for the better when he meets Army vet Jesse Myers. Jesse is taken with his grandparent’s quirky boxcar cabin and wants to rent it. Taken by her beauty—and the familiar haunted look in her eyes—he makes her a deal. He will rent the boxcar to her for free in return for her help in making renovations.

Working on the train car, Travis and Jesse grow closer. But when Jesse rescues a desperate Border Collie and her five adorable puppies, something unexpected happens.  A Christmas miracle neither saw coming.

From DD, Happy Thanksgiving!
Thursday, November 23rd, 2017