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Lest We Forget…
Monday, May 25th, 2015

Happy Memorial Day! I hope everyone enjoys the day with family and good food! But before you eat, how about thinking of the fallen soldiers, sailors, and airmen the day is meant to honor…


Delilah Devlin
US Army in her former life :)

Coleen Kwan: ALL WORK AND NO PLAY – Romance in the office
Monday, May 25th, 2015

All Work and No PlayHave you ever had a co-worker who pushed all your buttons? What if, despite that, you couldn’t help lusting after him?

That’s the dilemma facing Anna Reynolds when she’s forced to work with Giles St Clair. Anna has worked damned hard to earn her recent promotion, and she’s determined to meet her deadline even if she’s understaffed. But that means having to accept help from Giles, who’s rubbed her up the wrong way ever since the red carpet was rolled out for the highly sought after consultant.

Giles has every man and woman swooning at his feet, but Anna can’t stand his superior attitude. Too bad she can’t help finding him super sexy. She’s not going to get involved with him and risk her professional reputation.

But when she finds herself locked in a stationery closet with Giles, they can’t hide the heat between them. In order to break the tension and get her project back on track, Anna must make a difficult decision.

ALL WORK AND NO PLAY is Book 2 in my Serendipity series – short, breezy romance from the heart. When you’re short of time and in need of a pick-me-up read, try FIREWORKS AT MIDNIGHT or ALL WORK AND NO PLAY.


Author Bio:
Coleen Kwan has been a bookworm all her life. At school English was her favorite subject, but for some reason she decided on a career in IT. After many years of programming, she wondered what else there was in life — and discovered writing. She loves writing contemporary romance and steampunk romance.

Coleen lives in Sydney, Australia with her partner and two children. When she isn’t writing she enjoys avoiding housework, eating chocolate, and watching TV shows like Criminal Minds and Bob’s Burgers.


Donna Michaels: Paying it forward by giving away RT author swag! (Contest)
Sunday, May 24th, 2015

I had a blast at RT last week and wanted to share some of the goodies from a ton of wonderful authors I had the pleasure of meeting, because, heck, I may be an author, but I am a reader, too!

This year has rocked. I can cross three things off my bucket list: Hitting the NY Times and USA Today Bestsellers lists, and meeting my idol, Jill Shalvis!!

She had several panels and events at RT, but I was up in my room working on edits, so I didn’t get to meet her until the Hot Guy Bingo event she did with the wonderful Jaci Burton! They were a riot! And I am happy to say I wasn’t tongue-tied when I approached Jill, but I was tongue ‘stupid’. Yep, instead of telling her I wanted to be like her when I grow up, I said I am going to be her when I grow up. What an idjit I am. lol Thankfully, she took it in her stride (I think). She laughed, but come to think of it, it was a little on the nervous side…

dmme and JillBut, she didn’t call security when I approached her table at the big signing, and she even invited me to show up at her next event so she could sign the book of hers I left in my room. And, when I told her I was collecting swag from authors to give away to my newsletter subscribers next month, she shoved a ton of stuff in my hands!! *Holds hand over heart* I promise I will part with every bit of it…because I already have my own stash of Jill stuff. J I even have Jill & Eloise tote bags to give away!

dmrt loot

So, if you’d like a chance to win some of these goodies, books, totes, and more I couldn’t fit in the frame, then be sure to subscribe to my newsletter at for your chance to win! Most of the loot is signed, too, by Cat Johnson, Becky McGraw, Don Allen, Sylvia McDaniels, Elle James, Paige Tyler, and Geri Foster, just to name a few!

I had a blast at all the events, especially the cowboy and military ones. Creating a hero that is both is one of my favorite things to do, and I’m excited to announce my new Harland County release that just came out May 21st!


dmherhealingcowboycover500x750Available now at Amazon

The doctor/captain/cowboy is on a mission to convince the visiting beauty that some doctors are worth trusting…

Holly’s stay in Harland County Texas is limited. She’s only there to help run her uncle’s ice cream business while he recuperates from an operation. Her home is in Colorado. Her life is in Denver. Her dream job is in Denver but won’t be if she doesn’t get back before her leave of absence runs out. Everybody knows this, but apparently her heart and body didn’t get the memo because they spark to life whenever her uncle’s smoking, hot doctor is around. But she’s been burned by one before and is definitely not interested. Much.

Doctor Jace Turner has one goal: Join Doctors Without Borders. Ever since his father was in a car accident and became HIV Positive from a blood transfusion, Jace set his sights on the organization and plans to join, once his contract is up with the Texas National Guard. The last thing he needs is the crazy attraction he feels toward the beauty from Colorado.

The cowboy isn’t looking for a relationship. She isn’t staying. Perfect set up for a fling. What harm could there be?


As he walked toward the window, he noted several customers and decided to go inside instead of waiting in line. Besides, he needed a little relief from the heat.

As he stepped inside the vacant shop, he was hit by the blessed cold of the air conditioner…and globs of flying ice cream, followed by Holly’s panicked voice.


Unable to avoid a second hit, Jace took a smattering to the face and ear. The sticky, cold substance slid down his neck while he ducked to evade a third, taking cover behind a display case.

“It won’t shut off,” the young college student yelled, jamming button after button.

Ice cream covered the ceiling, walls, and floors in a pink, organic hue, dripping off The Creamery’s three unlucky occupants.

Holly lunged for the outlet, managing to yank the cord from the wall while she slipped on a milkshake puddle by her feet. The whirl of a blender dissipated, along with the flying dessert, both giving way to a muttered oath as the valiant woman smashed into a work table on her way to the floor; the clang of bowls and spoons echoed in the suddenly quiet shop.

Jace sprang into action, locking the door to prevent customers from coming into the war zone, then slip-slided his way behind the counter to the grumbling proprietor and her clueless employee.

“Donny, go finish your order at the window,” he directed. “And be careful where you walk.”

“But…” The young man blinked down at his boss who sat on the floor cradling her left elbow.

“I’ll take care of her. Now, go.”

“Yes, sir.” The young man poured what was left of the milkshake into a cup and tip-toed back to the grinning customer at the window.

“That was awesome, man.”

Jace’s mind registered the teenage customer’s proclamation as he made his way to the injured woman. She blinked up at him, those gorgeous green eyes switching from dazed to amused before she burst out laughing. Deciding it was better than her bursting into tears, he smiled and knelt down in front of her.

“Do I look as bad as you?” she asked between laughs.

Ice cream plastered dark bangs to her forehead, dripping onto the beauty’s face and off her chin to slide down a delectable chest and disappear between mouthwatering cleavage. She looked positively delicious, and he had to fight the urge to lean forward and lick her clean.

“Worse,” he replied with a grin.

“Gee, thanks.” She snickered and made to get up.

He cupped her shoulder and gently pushed her back down. “Easy, there, chuckles. That was some fall. Let me check you out.”

“I’m fine.” She swatted his hands away, tried to push off the floor, then winced.

He blew out a breath. Damn, stubborn woman. “Sure you are.” Ignoring her grumble, he gently, but thoroughly, examined her arm.

“Ouch.” She jerked back when he reached her elbow.

He knew from months of watching her with her uncle, and here at work, that she could handle tough situations without a crease in her brow or complaint on her tempting lips. So, for the competent woman to cry out from his light touch, she was in a lot of pain.

“You hit the table pretty hard. You should have it x-rayed.”

She cocked her head and smiled tight. “The table’s fine.”

He leveled the exasperating woman with one of his stern looks. The kind he gave to the soldiers in his platoon. At least they had the good sense to look contrite. Not Holly. Hell no. She just continued to stare unblinkingly through those damn, gorgeous eyes of hers.

“That’s not what I meant and you know it,” he said, a little more than tired of her mistrust. A mistrust she only appeared to reserve just for him. She was outright friendly and even smiled with her eyes to his friends.

Her chin rose, her gaze less than tolerant. “I can’t leave the shop.”

“Then let me finish my exam.”

After a brief moment of hesitation, she held out her arm, and he quickly got back to evaluating before she changed her mind. After finding no disconnect, or evidence of a fracture, he grabbed a nearby dish towel and fashioned a sling. “It doesn’t appear to be broken, and since you won’t get it x-rayed, try to keep your arm immobile for a few days.”

She snorted. “Not gonna happen, Doc. I need to drive.”

“Not if it hurts,” he replied, leaning closer. “I’m serious.” The last thing he needed was to worry about the headstrong woman behind the wheel of a car with an injured arm.

“I know, but so am I,” she insisted. “My uncle has an appointment with the orthopedic specialist this Wednesday and my mother doesn’t drive. No way are we missing that.” She glanced down at her arm. “I’m sure it’ll be fine in a day or two. I just whacked my funny bone, that’s all.”

He wasn’t so sure. And there was nothing funny about her getting hurt.

She tried to get up again, so he hooked a hand under her other arm and brought them both to their feet, careful of the slop on the floor.

“Come by my office on Tuesday, and I’ll reexamine you.”

She pulled free and grumbled. “Thanks…and no thanks. I’ll be fine.”

Donny chose that moment to tip-toe back over. “I’m so sorry, boss. I have no idea what happened. The darn lid wouldn’t stay on, and next I knew, Raspberry Supreme was flying all over the place. Then I tried, but I couldn’t get any of the buttons to work—”

“It’s okay,” she reassured, expression softening as she addressed the contrite kid. “I should’ve warned you about it. You just take care of the customers at the window while I clean up.”

“Will do, boss.” Donny smiled and headed back to his station, relief sagging his slight shoulders.

It was at that moment, Jace realized the woman sometimes looked at him with heat in her gaze, but never warmth. And, son-of-a-bitch, he wondered just what he had to do to change that outcome.

Less than amused with her less than friendly attitude, he stepped closer, and when she backed up, he followed, until a counter blocked her escape. “Tell me…Holly.” He deliberately used her first name, and heaven help him, he liked how it rolled off his tongue, and the way desire darkened her gaze in response. “Do you dislike all doctors, or is it just me?”

Her lips parted and chest rose in an enticement almost too much to bear. Then her throaty, sexy voice met his ear.

“All doctors.”

Heat skittered down his spine, and he had to fight the urge to lean in and kiss her trembling mouth. Instead, he ran a finger through the ice cream on her cheek, then licked it off, wishing he could put his mouth on her. “As long as it’s not me.”

She shrugged, her gaze full of mistrust. And heat.

He chuckled. She was a tough nut to crack, one he should avoid, but knew he wouldn’t. After fishing the wallet out of the back pocket of his shorts, he set money on the counter behind the suddenly still woman, then held her gaze, eager to see what she did next.

“This is for the smoothies. Thanks for the delicious…desserts.”

Need flared in her green gaze and dilated the pupils in her fathomless eyes. A powerful jolt of arousal shot down his spine and zinged his favorite body parts to life. Parts he ignored, except in the shower after waking up hard from a dream she’d haunted.

“You’re welcome,” she replied with a hint of reproach in her tone that signified he wasn’t about to get any other type of dessert from her. “And thanks for tending to my arm, Doc.”

He nodded and stepped back, wiping his face on a towel she handed him. If she didn’t want to act on whatever was zipping between them, then so be it. He never forced himself on a woman in his life. They tended to seek him out.

“Just make sure you stop by in a few days so I can take another look,” he said, dropping the towel on the counter while he held her gaze. “But if it starts to swell, or the pain increases, you get your stubborn…elbow to the emergency room.” He caught himself just in time, and kept his orders impersonal. Despite the little bit of teasing, he wanted her to take the situation serious and not ignore his advice.

She nodded as she carefully made her way to the register in a blatant attempt to get rid of him. “Will do, Doc.”

If he hadn’t been watching her, he would’ve sworn she’d saluted him.

“How about I help you clean up. Gonna be kind of hard with one hand.”

“Naw. I can manage.” She shrugged and cracked a smile that almost reached her eyes. “Here’s your change. Sorry about the extra milkshake.”

One of the most effective doctoring skills in his arsenal was his ability to read people, and Holly was coming across loud and clear. She was tired, in pain, and on edge, that last part because of him. He seemed to push her to that boundary just as she pushed him. He didn’t know what the hell to do about that, or even if he should.

“No problem.” He held his hand out for his money and watched the woman pull her bottom lip between her teeth the moment her finger brushed his palm. Another damn zing traveled straight to his groin.

A tight jaw contradicted the heat in her gaze, and stirred more than his curiosity. Just what had happened to her to forge a dislike of doctors? And did she taste as exquisite as she looked?

Then, not for the first time, he wondered why the hell it mattered since he was not looking for a romantic relationship.

Just as he was about to turn and leave, a glob of ice cream dropped from the ceiling and splattered onto her head. She jumped back and shrieked, and the movement caused the mixture to slide down her face and drip onto her already deliciously coated chest.

He knew better than to laugh, no matter how adorable she appeared, pink goop dripping off her exasperated face. Muttering under her breath, she reached below the counter, pulled out another dish towel and wiped her face.

Her choppy ministrations managed to smear more than eradicate.

He stepped closer, and using the corner of the towel still in her hand, he gently dabbed at her lower lip. She stilled, and appeared to stop breathing.

Oxygen seemed to have a hard time making it into his lungs, too. “You missed a spot.” He wiped her chin, and another speck by her ear.

“Thanks,” she whispered, then swallowed, her gaze dropping to his mouth.

This time, he stilled.

All the cold air from the air conditioner seemed to disappear, leaving heat. Lots of heat. Jace was torn about what to do. It was the middle of the day, in the middle of her shop. Definitely not appropriate for crushing her close and tasting that trembling lower lip of hers for himself. But he couldn’t get his body to move away. In fact, they seemed to be closer, which had to come from her, because he’d remained still, not wanting to jeopardize what little progress he’d made with his attempt to prove some doctors could be trusted.

Her gaze traveled up to meet his, and she blinked, staring at him like she’d only really just seen him. Then suddenly, their breath mingled, and he had no idea how they’d gotten so close he could count the green hues in her eyes. Three. There were three shades, each melting into the other, and he empathized, ready to chuck common sense and take what the beautiful woman was offering.

About the Author

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Donna Michaels is an author of Romaginative Fiction who writes Romance through the H’s—Hot, Humorous & Heartwarming. Her books span several genres, including contemporary, suspense, paranormal, and time travel that keeps her readers asking for more. When she’s not wearing out the keys on her laptop, she’s spending time with her fulltime military husband and their four children, catching all the movies her deadlines will allow, watching Doctor Who, Sherlock, NCIS, Supernatural, or plotting her next book. And, of course, watching Hawaii Five-0, because Alex’s version of McGarrett inspires many of her heroes.

Website | Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | Pinterest | Amazon Author Page

Flashback: Mutiny’s Bounty (Contest)
Saturday, May 23rd, 2015


If you’re from the U.S. this weekend is special—Memorial Day Weekend. It’s part somber—remembering those who gave their lives for our country; but also, because of where it sits on the calendar, it’s our beginning of the summer celebration!

So while some of you are traveling this weekend, and others are gearing up to head to the lake, expecting company, etc., I’ll be here writing. It won’t be easy. Our pool is repaired (new liner). Sure, the water’s likely too cold for me to stay in long, but the thought of all that sunshine and sparkling water will be pulling at me. What are your plans for the weekend? Want to share?

Be safe! I’ve heard there will be more folks on the road this weekend than have been for a decade. For the rest of us who are staying close to home, enjoy a sexy excerpt, then…

Comment for a chance to win Mutiny’s Bounty or a short story on this carousel!

* * * * *



Interested only in experiencing an adrenaline-packed adventure first-hand to give her credo when she books her clients’ adventure vacations, Lace McElhannon finds more excitement than she can handle when she meets and falls into bed with ex-SEAL Dex Haygood.

Fresh from protecting transport ships from Somali pirates, Dex figures his latest job will be a cakewalk, until he finds himself in deep water, swimming with sharks and trying to protect Lace when the yacht they’re sailing on is taken.


His expression didn’t change. If anything, his eyes grew colder, narrowing.

Was he counting in his head? Seeing how long she took to scurry up on the mattress? She moved deliberately slowly, rising fluidly and wiping her mouth with the back of her hand. Besides, anticipation kept her revved. Then she sat at the edge of the high mattress and scooted backward, trying not to rush even though she couldn’t wait for what came next.

Dex was faster. He crawled quickly onto the mattress, pushed her to her back, and came down atop her, covering her from her shoulders to her feet, his strong legs pinning her as neatly as the weight of his torso.

She couldn’t move, could hardly breathe. His cock pulsed between them. Still, she kept her breaths even, her chin tilted in defiance.

“What am I going to do with you?” he murmured, his mouth hovering just above hers.

“Anything you want, I’m guessing. It’s not like I can fight you,” she said it innocently,  eyes wide, but then the corners of her mouth curved. “Anything, so long as you slide this up inside me.” She rolled her hips to rub his cock.

He grunted. “I’d like nothing better, but then, you’d win. And I can’t let that happen.”

She arched a brow. “You do know sex doesn’t have to be a game, right? That we can both be winners.”

He shook his head. “I don’t see sex as a game, but you’ve been bucking me since we met. You consider it a challenge, getting a guy exactly where you want, to do exactly what you want.”

“Not true,” she whispered. “Not what I’m after, at all.”

“Then tell me.” His voice softened. “Remember, no pride. No modesty. It’s just you and me.”

She licked her lips, then drew a short breath, turning her head so he couldn’t see her eyes. Because hadn’t he already seen too much? “I want you to make me.”

“Make you what?”

“Make me obey. Let me fight, but never let me win.”

After a long pause, he asked, “Forcibly?”

The heated air from his single word brushed her cheek, and she nodded, holding her breath. His neutral tone hadn’t given her a clue what he was thinking. Her request wasn’t something she’d ever revealed to another man: her need to be taken. Because then, wouldn’t the guy think she wanted to be dominated in every other part of her life and their relationship? With Dex, she knew he was physically strong enough to give her what she needed, but they only had three days, and then they’d never see each other again. Her wish was a safe one. She could ask this and not fear him taking her over her life. Something she’d experienced with a boyfriend in college and would never risk again, thank you very much.

A finger traced a line across her cheek then rubbed her bottom lip. “Look at me.”

Stealing herself, she turned and met his gaze, surprised at the smoky heat she met.

“If you give this…power…to me, I won’t let you change your mind. If you get scared, you’ll have to work through it.”

She nodded, excitement causing her heart to thud inside her chest. “You don’t mind? Don’t think I’m crazy?”

“We all have our fantasies, Lace. I have a few of my own.” And then he kissed her.

A soft, hot brand on her mouth. Over too soon because he was moving away, kneeling beside her as he raked her body with a hot glance.

His hard gaze swung back to her eyes. “Open your legs.”

Sensing he’d already started the game, she shook her head and clenched her legs together, getting her elbows under her body and scooting toward the headboard.

She didn’t even have time to gasp before he was on her, his hands gripping her ankles and spreading them.

He quickly inserted his knees between hers to hold her open.

A gasp escaped. She jackknifed up and shoved both hands at his chest.

But he manacled her wrists and pushed them behind her back, holding them there with one hand, keeping her still while he put his free hand between her legs and cupped her mound. “This is mine, Lace. However I want.”

She panted, shaking her torso, trying to free her hands, panic mixed with arousal—so heady a mix she felt as though her heart might explode. “Let me go.”

He shook his head, one corner of his mouth curling upward, lending him a menacing look.

Fuck, she loved that look. Knew it meant he was into this game.

Marianne Knightly: Why Do I Love Royals? Let Me Count the Ways
Friday, May 22nd, 2015

I admit it. My name is Marianne and I am a royalophile.

I love reading about the royal families still out there today (particularly British royalty), and hearing what’s going on in their lives. I may or may not have (ahem – did – ahem) surreptitiously watched Prince George’s debut live at my day job while I should have been doing something else. I’m very lucky Princess Charlotte was born on a weekend (though I was very distracted on the Monday after waiting for news of her official name).

My love of royals has now extended into my writing life, as my newest series, the Royals of Valleria, is about a fictional European monarchy.

Just what is it about these royal families that we love? I present five reasons below.

  1. We’ve grown up with them.

As children, we’re told stories of princesses and princes, kings and queens in faraway or made-up lands. Our innocent imaginations carry us away as children and we imagine ourselves being swept away by the prince to live a magical castle. I’m a romantic at heart so, while I may have more realistic expectations now, I do hope to find a man with prince-ly qualities: brave, kind, a leader, and handsome wouldn’t hurt, either (*wink, wink*).

Is it any wonder I became a romance author?

  1. It’s exclusive.

Not everyone is born into direct royalty, but many can trace their roots back to some royal family member. Despite ourselves, we can’t help but be fascinated by something we can’t officially be a part of. It’s why we buy silly commemorative items, try some crazy beauty tips, and watch royal weddings and ceremonies on television. It’s also why I use a cup commemorating Will and Kate’s wedding at my day job (which I received as a gift, though I would have been tempted to buy it).

Caption: Yes, I am admitting that I proudly use this cup.

Caption: Yes, I am admitting that I proudly use this cup.

Even after the innocent days of youth we are bombarded with more stories that feature troubled royal families in the forms of movies, books, plays, and television. More recently, on the television scene, there’s Game of Thrones, Reign, The Tudors, and The Royals. One of my all-time favorite past shows was Kings that sadly only lasted one season.

  1. Their lives seem much more exciting than ours.

Who wouldn’t like to list their occupation as Prince and Princess? While the real life of a royal is likely a balance between royal duties and personal ones, we are still fascinated by them. When we’re going around our mundane lives of laundry and cleaning, who can’t help but imagine a life traveling and helping others?

  1. There are still plenty of monarchies out there to entertain us.

Though true traditional monarchies are rare these days, constitutional and other monarchies are still around and making headlines. Think Monaco, Norway, Sweden, Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg, Spain, the Netherlands, and Japan.

These are just five reasons why I love royals. If you like stories about royals, then please check out my newest series, the Royals of Valleria! My latest release, Marcello & Grace (Royals of Valleria #2) is available today on Amazon. You can read a synopsis below.

What do you love about royal families? Contact me via my website and let me know. For more information about me and my books, sign-up for my monthly e-newsletter and follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads.

mkRoyals 2 (15-0315)Marcello & Grace (Royals of Valleria #2)

Meet the Royals of Valleria, a country as old as the fall of the Roman Empire. The reigning king and patriarch rules with his beloved queen. Nine children, ranging from the eldest twins to the youngest son, watch over the country they love and care for. Bound by honor, duty, and each other, follow their lives as they fall in love, face tragedies, and triumph against the evils facing them.


When fate made Lady Grace a widow, after years of a disastrous, abusive marriage, she felt a sense of relief and escape. Now, a year after her husband’s death, she’s just beginning to feel like her old self again, though she still carries the scars, both visible and hidden, of her past. Having been separated from friends and family for too long, she’s only too happy to see her old friend, Princess Catharine, on a visit to England. What she didn’t expect was a visit from her brother, Prince Marcello. When she begins to feel the first stirrings of love within her, can she overcome the horrors of her past to make a future with him?

Prince Marcello, head of Valleria’s national security and defense, is still dealing with the fallout from security breaches under his watch. After long days and nights of political maneuvering in London to reclaim Valleria’s and his reputation, he takes a needed break by joining his sister on a visit to her friend, Lady Grace. What he thought would be a relaxing week becomes anything but when he begins to fall in love with her.

In the midst of blooming love, Marcello is asked to lead a secret, dangerous mission to thwart an international threat. Marcello knows he must go, both for his country’s honor and for his own. Will he survive? And, if he does, will Grace be waiting for him upon his return?

C. K. Crouch: Romantic Times Convention 2015
Thursday, May 21st, 2015

Unlike Romance Writers of America’s National Conference, the Romantic Times Convention’s focus leans more towards readers, where RWA’s focus is on writers. At RT, you saw librarians, readers, agents, editors, writers all blended together.

kc20150516_170826During the workshops, the authors on the panels gave away copies of their books to members of audience that asked questions. A great chance for readers to get free books and chat with their favorite author.

A big common factor struck me as I waited thirty minutes or more to get into the hotel restaurant. None of the hotels are prepared for a convention or conference the magnitude of RWA or RT. Not the rooms, mind you, but the little shops, where you wait in mile long lines to purchase a cup of coffee or a bottle of water, or even a sandwich where one cashier is overwhelmed trying to wait on customers. Then waiting for half an hour to sit at the restaurant, there were only two, and even ordering food to go took at least an hour. It wasn’t their fault. They had no idea where all these people came from. Too bad, there isn’t a way to forewarn the poor hotels to beware of a writers’ conference because you will be swamped with people.

The convention was fun and exhausting. It’s go, go, go every day and party at night. I was too tired to hit the parties. With a bad knee and using a cane by 5:00 in the evening, I found the only place I wanted to be was in the room resting.

I missed the awards because I was waiting for my food in the restaurant and didn’t have time to change. I didn’t feel jeans and a shirt were appropriate attire for it.

kc20150515_164306Both conferences are fun. RWA is for writers and RT is geared towards the readers. However, you can benefit from attending both. You can connect with industry professionals as a writer at both; at RT you can connect with your readers. Craft workshops, marketing workshops, connections, book fairs. At RT, you can take books from your personal collection to have your favorite author sign for you. They limit you to ten, but you can come out to trade them out for more.

If you have the opportunity, attend both and boost your writing career a few notches. Or if your published you can network with other authors and readers. Just know you will find it busy and nonstop.

Oh and at Romantic Times there were, whew-fanning my face, gorgeous cover models.


SOS Aloha hosted a military tribute. Over two hundred people attended as veterans stood and sang the song for their service and learned about the things our veterans are going through.

My recommendation is gather your money and pick a conference.

What do you want from it?

kc20150516_215708A chance as an aspiring unpublished author to meet with that dream editor or agent? Both offer that chance.

Want to connect with other authors? Both offer that opportunity.

Want craft workshops? Both have that.

Are you published looking to connect with more readers and other industry professionals? Then Romantic Times is your best bet there.

Sometimes it’s about location. I chose RT this year because RWA is in NYC this year, and I can’t swing it. RT was in my hometown of Dallas, TX so I chose it.

What would you choose?

C. K. Crouch

Terri Meeker: Khaki Fever and Sex Filled Taxi Rides
Wednesday, May 20th, 2015

Female Sexual Liberation Owes a Debt to the Great War

tmhot soldierPrior to WWI, women’s sexuality was locked down pretty tightly. No sex until marriage, full stop.  When the war broke out in 1914, however, young men and women started pushing pretty hard against that wall. With men marching off to the slaughter of the Western Front, they wanted to live life while they still had one to live. As women watched their entire generation of men leave, they began to feel pretty desperate as well.

And so they pushed back against those old boundaries and they pushed hard.

When the soldiers came home on leave, girls didn’t behave quite so demurely as they had in the past. Some were downright aggressive and were labeled as having ‘khaki fever.’  The older generation reacted by forming ‘Morality Patrols.’ These were made up of older women who wore uniforms and patrolled any place where young people liked to congregate. In London alone there were over 400 of them, marching through public parks, alleyways and especially at the cinema, where they would march through the aisles checking on couples with flashlights.  Naturally, even people having perfectly innocent conversations were suspect and they became something of a nuisance at the theater. In 1915, one man wrote to his local paper complaining that, “It is about time something was done about ancient spinsters following soldiers about with their flash lights.”

If you were upper class, you didn’t need to bother yourself with public parks, cinemas and those flashlight-wielding matrons.  You’d simply get a taxi and “do two turns around Regent’s Park.”  This brings to mind a few questions. Mainly, how big is Regent’s Park?  Because two turns seems … a little short.  And secondly, you have to wonder who was driving the cabs. Especially since all the young, virile men were either at the Western Front or being watched by the Morality Police.

Luckily for them (and us) more relaxed attitudes about human sexuality survived the war.  The babies born out-of-wedlock were treated as war orphans and didn’t suffer the stigma of bastard as the previous generation.  Having proven themselves by taking on men’s jobs during the war, there was no going back. After the war, women were given much greater freedom, both in the workforce and within marriage as equal sexual partners.

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There’s a fine line between courage and insanity…and he flings himself over it. The Great War, Book 1 Captain Sam Dwight never thought his pre-war vow to “make a difference for good in the world” would come back to haunt him. After suffering a grievous head wound in battle, he awakens in a field hospital, barely able to utter a word. How fast would his beautiful, determined nurse call for a straitjacket if she knew that every time a bright light flickers in his eyes, he is transported back to the trenches, reaching out to heal a wounded soldier in a flash of dazzling light?

Lily Curtis has seen many a soldier racked with guilt, but she’s never seen one will himself to induce life-threatening seizures. She fears that next time, her hands won’t be quick enough to save her handsome, apparently suicidal charge. As rumors of an ethereal battlefield specter reach the ward, Sam becomes convinced that his front line mercy missions are real. But with each trip, he spins the roulette wheel with his own life while Lily’s love and the lives of those at the hospital hang in the balance.

Warning: In between gory and emotionally charged scenes on WWI battlefields and field hospitals, there are tall tales, a lemon tree named Henry, a blush-inducing blanket bath in which something pops up between nurse and patient, and a 500-pound pet pig.

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