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My Favorite Snippet from Gabriel & Open Contests!
Sunday, July 24th, 2022

My latest book releases tomorrow night just after midnight. I’m sitting here wanting to share the entire story right now, but I’m settling for a snippet instead. But which one? An exciting criminal takedown? The first kiss?

Montana Bounty Hunters: Dead Horse

I’ve shared the entire first chapter. You can read it here. What about a snippet from the sex scene?

How about I choose my favorite scene from the book? And it might seem weird to you, but I love this tiny scene featuring my favorite waitress, Nadine. She makes an appearance in all the books. The woman is a fixture in Dead Horse—she’s rude, irascible, and knows everyone’s business. She’s decided that the bounty hunters are enemy #1 and never gives them any slack. This scene has more to it, because you’re meeting Nadine’s relative, who will feature in my first We are Dead Horse story. So, maybe this excerpt won’t be as much fun for you because you’re not seeing the “bigger” scene but it’s my favorite because I love, love, love Nadine.

Nadine in Gabriel

Their table at the diner was surrounded by other tables. No privacy. And business was humming. Fig glanced up and watched the hunters’ “favorite fan” approach. “Watch out,” she whispered to Gabe. “Nadine’s coming our way.”

Gabe’s mouth firmed into a thin line.

Nadine slapped laminated copies of the menu on their table. “Heard you two let that Jimmy Calhoun fella slip right through your fingers.”

Fig raised her eyebrows. “Nadine, I never figured you for someone who kept up with current events. You being so busy and all.”

Nadine’s eyes narrowed. “Had someone from your TV show call me yesterday. Said they wanted some local color and wanted to interview me. Told ’em they’d need more than a damn five-minute segment to cover all the issues.”

“I’m sure they were eager to sign you up.”

Nadine huffed a breath. “So, are you two gonna order or talk my ear off? I’ve got other customers to tend to.”

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